CIOs, what’s your next job?

Posted on March 27, 2009


paper_mirror_blackI have been wondering for a while, about the future profile of a CIO. If most of the feedback, I received, points out the importance of developing the business sensitivity of  IT leaders there are other areas of growing interest. Amongst them we find social skills and strategic planning.

Social skills improvement could represent an opportunity to better embrace the emmergence of web 2.0 technology in the company. Mastering the user experience while enabling productivity of white collar seems to be a reasonable assumption. CIO could become the dedicated anthroplogist of the enterprise.

Strategic planning, with a disciplined approach toward IT investment, might be a true competency that business leaders can expect. Especially in the current economic situation which pushes for additional productivity and challenges the return of any sizeable  spending. Are CIO becoming more financial managers?

Looking back, IT leaders went from incredible changes and proved extraordinary adaptation, from being the technical star to a master of process and organization, to a sourcing expert and progressively becoming business fluent. Nobody can predict what tomorow will be, but we can expect again for CIO to absorb additional knowledge. All this evolution went with the necessity of greater leadership, and vision and moving from being an expert to a business generalist.

So to the question “CIOs what’s your next job?”, keep in mind there is only one letter separating CIO to CEO.