CIOs – Don’t fall for Greed Computing

Posted on April 17, 2009


greedFor decades, IT has made Enterprises more performing by processing Information, automating processes, opening new opportunities channels, capturing real-time data, improving the collabaration of business partners, developping online value added services. This commitment of performance was driven by the necessity to be competitive, and beat other players in the same field of business. Being performant is contextual by nature as it is defined by the current market expectations. By and large, performance could be approached in term of market reach,  Product innovation, productivity or customer wealth.

The deregulation of financial markets have made Enterprises more focused on the immediate wealth of their shareholders, leading to define performance thru the financial value of their stock. If yesterday we could assist to executive meeting addressing new comers in the market, pricing strategy, product innovation, it is today more or less a matter of cash. The focus is not business anymore but money. As this statement could sounds like an old say, and something like “nothing new here”, it makes all the difference.

I’m a firm believer of passion at work, only passionate people accomplish incredible things. To lead a successfull business, you have to believe in it, fight for it, leave by it and eventually get money out of it. If money is the ultimate objective of business, what drive people to create and grow a business is the opportunity to leave an exceptional experience, what drive them is passion. If this is not the case, don’t waste your time as a business leader, go to the stock market, your passion might be money. This change in focus, from Business to money has created a new profile of the executive team leading to conceive businesses as a portfolio of share and considering the human factor as the major risk.

IT leaders have during years serve Enterprises for better business performance, this is what make them wake up every morning and fight for them. Today they are facing an important challenge: reducing the workforce thru IT, and eventually being considered as an important cost to curtail. Does it sound like passion anymore?

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