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G2G Project Management (Part 1) – Key Lessons Learned From Level 5 Leadership

May 29, 2009


Several years ago, I have the chance to read Jim Collins’ book – “Good to Great” (G2G), that has changed the way I was approaching performance in Project Management. I suggest to share with you my learnings in applying the different concepts raised in this book into the management of Strategic Projects. The 5 key […]

Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Map – What’s next?

May 21, 2009


I personnaly found very useful the utilization of the Strategy Map framework (Norton & Kaplan). It provides a solid foundation to articulate and promote a unified strategy and establish a rodmap for its execution thru explicit & meaningful measurements. One thing that I struggle with, is the efficency of the execution and its related byproduct: […]

We Dream About It… Wolfram Will Revolution the Way we Think About Knowledge

May 18, 2009


Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine with a trillon of data elements. If today its focus is on mathematical, sciences its repository promises to grow fast. The best way to understand what Wolfram can do is to watch the Overview Video or look at the Gallery of Examples.The best definition that I found is […]

CIOs – Manage your S-Curve

May 11, 2009


The S-Curve is the graphical representation of the complex relationship between Performance and level of effort (or investment level). I have highlighted the critical importance of this concept in a previous post: “The Dark Art of IT investment“. Businesses are adapting Organizations, Processes and Technologies (OPT) to deliver superior performance in a specific context. Adapting […]

The Ultimate Guide: Strategy to Invest in IT Related Projects

May 6, 2009


How to ensure sustainable performance of your investments? The suggested approach on how to evaluate an investment is steered toward its integration within an overall company investment portfolio. Most of the time organizations make their decision at project level, missing the big picture of strategy for resource allocation and are subsequently confronted with internal politics […]