We Dream About It… Wolfram Will Revolution the Way we Think About Knowledge

Posted on May 18, 2009


wolframWolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine with a trillon of data elements. If today its focus is on mathematical, sciences its repository promises to grow fast. The best way to understand what Wolfram can do is to watch the Overview Video or look at the Gallery of Examples.The best definition that I found is “something between Wikipedia, Google and Mathematica”.

Since its opening, last Friday, several articles have been published and the buzz is growing  at light speed. Wolfram is good for comparaison. For instance comparing languages between them (English Chinease) gives you deep insight on speakers accross the globe. I tried as well to compare “CO2 emission france germany”, which shows numbers that I could not suspect. You can also try “Population”. “50 interresting facts about Wolfram” gives you the answers about Wolfram, by itself.

You can find below a list of interresting articles on Wolfram:

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The main differences with web search engines such as google or wikipedia is that Wolfram only deals with facts, not opinions. It means that it has its own database. However it is capable to integrate real time information (such as the latest trade quotes) accessible on other web platforms thru web services.

Wolfram Alpha is available in English and has created already important number of APIs  (including linguistic API) to ensure wide promotion.  We can bet that in the coming months, value added services will be created around this platform. For the time being enjoy this fantastic service and imagine what the future could be with this new player.

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