Pattern Based Strategy: A new Hype?

Posted on November 9, 2009


IMGP4389Pattern Based Strategy is new framework launched by Gartner to pro actively seek, model and adapt to leading indicators that form patterns in the market place.

We must admit that Gartner has been very creative lately to create new hype: Cloud computing, Enterprise architecture, and now Pattern based strategy. Beyond the promotion itself, we can see an emerging demand to reassure the business community to anticipate what tomorrow could be.

Predictive Business Intelligence is one element in the equation, but a fundamental shift in the way organization are planning need to happen, and it could be done by integrating the necessary variability of risk whilst establishing a path for growth. An approach by scenario is suggested by Gartner to accommodate this uncertainty.

Will BI market be the sole winner of this trend or will we assist to the birth of a more fundamental change in the way organization are managed?

You can see a video here of Peter Sondergaard (SVP Research). If you are interested on the subject find below some additional resources on the subject:

– “Gartner Identifies Four Disciplines of Pattern-Based Strategy

– “Gartner Says Companies Must Implement a Pattern-Based Strategy to Increase Competitive Advantage

You can read a post that I wrote early this year that was suggesting a similar approach:

… Last but not least, reactivity has been pushed  as a strategic enabler for growth, and if the vendors are quickly adapting, internal IT might have issue to address this need. While being reactive is certainly a good thing, being proactive is even better. IT has focused for decade on monitoring system that support the business. Why not changing the concept and establish a Business monitoring. There is tone of information present in systems today that are not exploited and could be the basis for pro-active analysis. Developping this competency within the organization memory could create tremendous value for organizations.

Looking forward for your comments.