CIOS – 2010 Predictions That Could Change Your Life…or Not

Posted on December 1, 2009


1 – With the raise of social media and the illimited access to people information, “CIO” will stand for Chief Investigation Officer.

Pete Cashmore in October 2009 made social media holding the smoking gun of Privacy and concluded his post by “Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Fitbit and the SenseCam give us a simple choice: participate or fade into a lonely obscurity.” Not sure I fully agree with this. Internet memory is certainly the biggest danger of individual’s privacy and everybody has the right to oblivion. Don’t you think?

2 – Someone smart will say “Free is too Expensive” …. if it is not already done.

[add on] – We do not need to wait anymore, 6 hours after publishing this post we could find on Google “Newspaper publishers told “Free is too Expensive”“.

3 – The accronym D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) will be a standard answer in corporate emails.

See the “2010 Consumer Trend Video“, you will find interresting insights that should be understood even by B2B Businesses.

4 – Jim Collins will publish his new book “From Fall to Greatness

It might be followed by “From Fall to Greatness – For Public Sector”

5 – The first clinic program for Twitter’s Addicts will be proposed….

Not sure about the country yet. But Netherlands could be a good candidate as Dutch already opened a detox clinic for video game addicts in 2006.

6 – IBM will still be there.

7  – Steve Ballmer & Eric Schmidt will tweet on their personal iPhone

I recommend the article “The Great Iphone Death Watch” which gathers numerous statements about the predicted failure of the iPhone in 2007 by the big Guys.

8 – CIO inner Voice will still be around for you…

Let me finish by a video I particulary enjoyed.

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