CIO Inner Voice – The Top Posts

Posted on January 13, 2010


After 1 year of existence, CIO Inner Voice is publishing its top posts. Thank you for all your encouragements, comments and feedback.


THE GREAT PROJECT MANAGER SERIE Several years ago, I have the chance to read Jim Collins’ book – “Good to Great” (G2G), that has changed the way I was approaching performance in Project Management. I suggest to share with you my learnings in applying the different concepts raised in this book into the management of Strategic Projects. The 5 key idea sets of G2G are: Level 5 LeadershipFirst Who, then WhatConfront the brutal factsHedgehog ConceptThe Flywheel and the Doom Loop.


CIOs – CREATE YOUR BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY The reason why IT departments might be perceived as cost, could be rooted in the way they act like suppliers: using internal SLAs, launching customer survey, reallocating shared services expenses etc… The market trend shows the irreversible success of outsourcing model versus internal support. CIOs should reconsider their positionning within the Enterprise, and stop competing in the red ocean (see “Blue Ocean Strategy” – Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne).


PRACTICE THE DARK ART OF IT INVESTMENT – Companies have struggled during years with the allocation of their investments. Is 50% of them going to business infrastructure a good thing, should we not invest more in protecting our brand or increasing our operational efficiency? One of the underlying complexities is the relationship between level of investment and the expected value we get from it.