Epidemics And Pattern Based Strategy

Posted on September 23, 2010


Another excellent TED Talk (“How social networks predict epidemics“) that brings potential opportunities to put in practice Pattern Based Strategy (PBS) (Gartner).

Nicolas Christakis (At haward he is a Professor of Medicine, Health Care Policy, and Sociology, and he directs a diverse research group investigating social networks.) offers a framework of reference  (“Friendship Paradox“) for the selection of people choosen as sensors of a population that could apply to the Scanning Process of PBS  in a context of social contagion (should it be diseases, information, innovation, crisis, behaviors, product adoption); and an early detection mechanism delivering the so called “Optempo Advantage” – Gartner definition: it represents the set of coherent guidelines and actions necessary for maximizing the allocation and utilization of enterprise resources (people, processes and information).

Computational Sociology also born more than 40 years ago is still at its early stage, and with the progression of social media adoption, new investments will accelerate its development. Enjoy the show (Only available in English at the present time, but easy to catch).