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The Monkey Economic Game for CIOs

September 20, 2010


Laurie Santos, in a recent remarkable TED Talks “A monkey economy as irrational as ours“, laid out two important biological bias in the way humans are making decision: a loss aversion and thinking in relative terms. To prove this theory she built from scratch a framework of  the financial market and make it test by […]

CIO Inner Voice – The Top Posts

January 13, 2010


After 1 year of existence, CIO Inner Voice is publishing its top posts. Thank you for all your encouragements, comments and feedback. (…) THE GREAT PROJECT MANAGER SERIE – Several years ago, I have the chance to read Jim Collins’ book – “Good to Great” (G2G), that has changed the way I was approaching performance […]

The Dark Art of IT Investment

April 30, 2009


Companies have struggled during years with the allocation of their investments. Is 50% of them going to business infrastructure a good thing, should we not invest more in protecting our brand or increasing our operational efficiency? One of the underlying complexities is the relationship between level of investment and the expected value we get from […]

Integrate IT in the Company Investment Portfolio

April 24, 2009


Information technology alone does not create any value. The quality of its integration as a whole within the Enterprise’s strategy does. Considering the value of individual IT related projects could hinder the optimization of the overall investment allocation. To address this weakness, techniques such as Project Portfolio Management (PPM), have been introduced in IT for […]

Complementary Reading …

April 16, 2009


There is an interesting PWC article “The Next-Generation CIO” that I recommend in complement of one of my previous post “CIOs – Create your Blue Ocean Strategy“. I particulary enjoy the take on the “I” for CIO: Intelligence, Innovation, Integration, Insight, Instigation, Influence. The framework they provide in this article stresses the complexity of the […]

Is there such thing as IT Strategy anymore.

April 14, 2009


For decades now, companies have been trying to figure out what was the best IT strategy for their business. With the increasing demand of cost reduction, the large spread of service best practices (ITIL, CoBIT, CMMi, etc…), the development of strategic sourcing in IT, the consolidation of Enterprise Solution Vendors (Oracle, SAP, etc..) , we […]

Be curious about IT ….

April 2, 2009


To add-on on my previous post I found interesting articles on Gartner’s Blogs created by Mark Mc Donald: “12 things every business leaders you should know about IT“. Do not hesitate to share additional experiences.