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How To Define A Mandate For Strategic Transformations

December 15, 2010


Companies today are facing an incredible amount of challenges and need to excel in their transformation process. Prior to any program charter, Enterprises need to establish a proper transformation mandate. The following guidelines might help a leadership team with this endeavor: Clarify in writing what exactly you want to achieve. It is important to state […]

The CIO’s Nightmare – Part 1

January 8, 2010


The Value of Enterprise Systems – Targeting an improved performance, businesses continue to spend an incredible amount of money and effort to implement large scale Enterprise Systems. But after few years the expected benefits are not always present and the situation is getting worst. CIOs need then not only to justify but also to fix […]

IT Governance – why should it be complex?

March 23, 2009


For several years now “Governance” has been a buzz word, used to point out any deficiency of communication and arbitration of IT investment. I suggest here a simple check list that anyone could use as a foundation to create an IT Governance Handbook. Objectives “IT Governance is the responsibility of executives and the board of […]