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CIOs – Learn To Fight The Commodity Magnet

March 7, 2011


Innovation can be understood in a lot of manner. The commodity Magnet Model offers a fantastic framework of understanding to position your innovation efforts according to the company’s culture. Make your choice or embrace the full concept. The full article is available at Beagle Consulting Advertisements

Epidemics And Pattern Based Strategy

September 23, 2010


Another excellent TED Talk (“How social networks predict epidemics“) that brings potential opportunities to put in practice Pattern Based Strategy (PBS) (Gartner). Nicolas Christakis (At haward he is a Professor of Medicine, Health Care Policy, and Sociology, and he directs a diverse research group investigating social networks.) offers a framework of reference  (“Friendship Paradox“) for the selection of […]

Pattern Based Strategy Continues to Nurrish Debates

March 29, 2010


Here is an interresting article by Devon Enterprise Architects “GartnerSym 2009: Back to the future with pattern-based strategy” around pattern based strategy and its correlation to Sun Tzu and Michael Porter management theory. It will complement the 2 posts “20/20 foresight: The origins of Pattern Based Strategy” and “Pattern Based Strategy: a new hype?” on this […]

Project Management & The Toyota Way – Part 1 : A Long Term Philosophy

February 16, 2010


Toyota is as much a state of mind as it is  a car company. Although the competitivity and longivity of Toyota can be explained by the full exploitation of the Total Production System (TPS), the true foundations reside in its culture and the application of 14 management principles. This serie of posts discuss the opportunity […]

CIO Inner Voice – The Top Posts

January 13, 2010


After 1 year of existence, CIO Inner Voice is publishing its top posts. Thank you for all your encouragements, comments and feedback. (…) THE GREAT PROJECT MANAGER SERIE – Several years ago, I have the chance to read Jim Collins’ book – “Good to Great” (G2G), that has changed the way I was approaching performance […]

The CIO’s Nightmare – Part2 – Rapid Quadrants

January 12, 2010


The Value of Enterprise Systems – Targeting an improved performance, businesses continue to spend an incredible amount of money and effort to implement large scale Enterprise Systems. But after few years the expected benefits are not always present and the situation is getting worst. CIOs need then not only to justify but also to fix […]

We Dream About It… Wolfram Will Revolution the Way we Think About Knowledge

May 18, 2009


Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine with a trillon of data elements. If today its focus is on mathematical, sciences its repository promises to grow fast. The best way to understand what Wolfram can do is to watch the Overview Video or look at the Gallery of Examples.The best definition that I found is […]