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The Great Project Manager (Final Episode) – Building Momentum

July 1, 2009


Several years ago, I have the chance to read Jim Collins’ book – “Good to Great” (G2G), that has changed the way I was approaching performance in Project Management. I suggest to share with you my learnings in applying the different concepts raised in this book into the management of Strategic Projects. The 5 key […]

“Selling Web 2.0 to IT” : People are smart

March 23, 2009


In his excellent post “Selling Web 2.0 to IT“, Mike Schaffner identifies several reasons of poor adoption of these technolgies from corporate IT .  Among others “Size” is certainly the one that we witness on a daily basis. Apparently, these small pieces of sofware do not deserve the same attention as our corporate ERP platform. […]

The Standardization imperative

March 20, 2009


This is a common belief within corporations that standardization is limiting the potential for innovation. Being true or not, companies need to recognize this, and integrate it in their effort to implement standardization. Here is an interesting paradox, more we standardize, and more the people are claiming their differences. What creates this perception from people […]

How to manage maverick developments?

March 20, 2009


It is not uncommon today in corporation with centralized IT services, to see flourish individual business unit initiatives integrating themselves software development. Most of the time, IT is put aside of these developments and detect them whilst the company is audited or when a change in IT policies hinder or disable the access to these […]