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Investment Strategy: Seed or Leverage

October 2, 2009


I always felt that the way companies are looking at their investment portfolio was somewhat missing perspectives. Focusing their needs on the current year, without any red flag mechanism (See “Confronting the Brutal Facts“) showing the limit of their investment strategy. There is a good practice that could enable Enterprise to understand when the tipping […]

Enterprise Investment Portfolio (Part 1) – Improving Performance

July 9, 2009


Looking at  Internal Investments as a portfolio put in perspective the way Enterprises are internally investing in changes considering risk and opportunity at a global level rather than at project level. The following classification of investment (introduced in  “How to fight “Business Urban Legends”) follows this approach: 1- Improving Performance 2- Sustaining the current Performance […]

How to fight “Business Urban Legends” – Integrate Investment Portfolio to BI

July 6, 2009


Business Urban Legends are everywhere and sit at the heart of each investment decision. Interestingly enough, companies claim their unique needs, culture and business models which make them different from the competition; yet they are prone to follow generic public statements (investment in central ERP has no ROI for instance) in the very heart of […]

Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Map – What’s next?

May 21, 2009


I personnaly found very useful the utilization of the Strategy Map framework (Norton & Kaplan). It provides a solid foundation to articulate and promote a unified strategy and establish a rodmap for its execution thru explicit & meaningful measurements. One thing that I struggle with, is the efficency of the execution and its related byproduct: […]

CIOs – Manage your S-Curve

May 11, 2009


The S-Curve is the graphical representation of the complex relationship between Performance and level of effort (or investment level). I have highlighted the critical importance of this concept in a previous post: “The Dark Art of IT investment“. Businesses are adapting Organizations, Processes and Technologies (OPT) to deliver superior performance in a specific context. Adapting […]

The Ultimate Guide: Strategy to Invest in IT Related Projects

May 6, 2009


How to ensure sustainable performance of your investments? The suggested approach on how to evaluate an investment is steered toward its integration within an overall company investment portfolio. Most of the time organizations make their decision at project level, missing the big picture of strategy for resource allocation and are subsequently confronted with internal politics […]

The Dark Art of IT Investment

April 30, 2009


Companies have struggled during years with the allocation of their investments. Is 50% of them going to business infrastructure a good thing, should we not invest more in protecting our brand or increasing our operational efficiency? One of the underlying complexities is the relationship between level of investment and the expected value we get from […]